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Jewelry With A Message

Anniversary Heart

…Two Hearts As One

The Anniversary Heart™ from Deborah J. Birdoes' 'Jewelry With A Message' collection is a timeless symbol of love and comes with a signature poem card for heartfelt gifting.
Celebrate love and special moments by clicking below to discover this unforgettable expression of devotion and commitment.

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I'm thrilled to introduce The Anniversary Heart™. It's a beautiful piece from my Jewelry With A Message Collections. Crafted with care in Sterling Silver, it's available in White, Yellow, or Rose gold. The designs are adorned with sparkling Moissanite Gemstones or your pick of Lab-Grown and Natural Diamonds set in 14KT Gold Designs.

This piece is ideal for marking special moments and significant milestones. And here's the best
part: each Anniversary Heart™ comes with a unique Poem Card. It's filled with heartfelt words,
making it a gift which will

When you give or receive this piece, it's all about sharing love and significance. You can
express something special & personal, without saying a word.

Click above to explore the Anniversary Heart™ and add a touch of magic to your celebration!