Hello, and Welcome To Deborah J Birdoes Designs…

“Lucky are the People who do something in life they Love”

Many people say that it is not important what knocks you down in life, but that you get back up. Deborah J Birdoes Designs is a fitting example of a company which was created after “we got back up”. When I was a little girl, I fell in love with the words from Velveteen Rabbit. I collected lines that really spoke to my heart and wrote poetry in grade school & high school. Little did I know that this love of words and poetry would come together with an appreciation of and “eye for creating jewelry” later in my life.


OUR MISSION STATEMENT IS: “To reach the Hearts &
Souls of all people with a message which inspires them and makes them smile”.

As I grew up, my boyfriend, now my husband,  gave me poetry books that I treasured. When my kids started experiencing more of life, I would write about their feelings
growing up, such as the first day of school. Through the ups and downs everyone
goes through in life, I expressed my thoughts and feelings in poetry, As my love for jewelry and how they were designed grew, I began  pairing the jewelry pieces and poetry together and designing pieces which were visual representation of the poetry. A person could “see” the poem in the piece by the words of the poem and the unique design, the stones used, colors, and other things

Why Deborah J Birdoes Designs

  1. Designed With You In Mind.
    Message or Poem Accompanies Each Piece of Jewelry.
  2. The Designs Are A Reminder of Those Special Moments of Life.
  3. Quality Manufacturing by some of the best factories in the world.
  4. Every Message Written Shows the Special Emotional Bond Between the Person Giving the Jewelry Piece and the Person Receiving it.
  5. Lifetime Warranty.

The “get back up part” occurred later in life, as the new business my husband and I had purchased, turned out to be a huge mistake and we closed it down, Panicked by what was a big investment by us, and wondering how we could recover, I turned to my poetry and jewelry designing, for a bit of peace. Little did I know that this would grow into our present day company, with my “Jewelry With A Message TM” Designs available through Jewelry Stores, On the Internet & Social Media, Department Stores, Tele Sales Networks, and Funeral Homes.

We donate part of our profits to organizations which support and serve Family, Children, and Animals.

“I take no credit for the designs I create. I just make the words dance with visual concepts. The “desire of my heart” is that the words come alive for people as they wear the jewelry which has for them a “special message or meaning”. The pieces were created to be unique to the person who give them or receives them as a gift. My wish is that they bring you the same joy in wearing or giving them as I received in creating them.” Deborah