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Our world knows many jewelry designers, and it knows multitudes of good people of
faith. But on the rare occasion when The Lord gives us one who is both, she is named
Deborah J Birdoes

Since I was a little girl I fell in love with the words from Velveteen Rabbit. I
collected lines that really spoke to my heart. As I grew my boyfriend gave me poetry
books that I treasured. When my kids started experiencing more of life, I would
write about their feelings growing up such as the first day of school. Through their
ups and downs I expressed it in poetry, the entire human experience in words that
every human knows as feelings.

“From poetry, my desire was to create designs that would give people comfort and
hope. Ideas began to come to me and I just kept writing them in the book until I
could develop them one at a time. I had such joy in writing the poetry that went
along with the pieces that usually expressed feelings of what the piece now visually

“I take no credit for the designs I create. I just make the words dance with visual
concepts. The “desire of my heart” is that the words come alive for people as they
wear the jewelry which has for them a “special message or meaning”. The pieces were
created to be unique to the person who buys them or receives them as a gift. My wish
is that they bring you the same joy in wearing or giving them as I received in
creating them.”


Deborah J Birdoes, Designer

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